Sunday, October 26, 2014

Locked Out With No Spare Key? Locksmiths from London to the Rescue!

Getting locked out of the house by accident is nothing new. When you come home or leave the house, you usually have a million things in mind, so something’s bound to be neglected. Either you anticipate this possibility or keep the contact number of locksmiths from London handy, to avoid being locked out for long. The folks at PGS Online have offered some bits of advice on how to avoid a bothersome situation such as this: Spare key keepers If you’re renting your property then call your landlord or letting agents. Most reputable agents will have an emergency contact number and they will be able to supply you with a spare key. Prepare for this by finding this number out and storing it in your phone.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Empty Nests Should Be Secured By a Professional Locksmith from London

The Bedford Borough Council has had enough of squatters, vermin, and growing piles of rubbish in their neighbourhood’s empty properties. One factor that contributes to the mess is the fact that many properties should have been boarded up by a professional locksmith in London. The local newsletter Bedford Today reports on the council’s strategy to fill the empty nests for a cleaner safer borough. Cllr Colleen Atkins, Executive Member with responsibility for Operational Housing, said: “We’re working hard to reduce the number of empty homes in the borough. An empty property is a wasted property and has a negative impact on the environment and local community when it could be providing a much-needed home for a local person or family.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Secure Your Homes with the Help of London Locksmiths, Advises the Met

Apart from doors, windows—especially those that have been left open and those using worn-out locks—are another common ingress point for burglars. A knowledgeable West London locksmith such as a professional from Lockedout Locksmiths can use his specialist training to repair or replace security devices as needed. Hiring a locksmith would also ensure that every window is equipped with the lock that best fits its dimensions and functions. In addition to locks, other security mechanisms that families can consider include burglar alarms. Met officers emphasised that having these systems installed is especially worthwhile since these offer a means of rallying not only the occupants of a house but also neighbours and bystanders in the defence of a domicile. Before going for an alarm system, though, a homeowner should make sure that the installation conforms with government and police standards.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boarding Up? Get a Reliable London Locksmith, Police Officers Advise

Secured by Design outlined several pieces of advice for homeowners who are looking to improve the security of their properties. Chief among these considerations is tapping the expertise of a reliable London locksmith to shore up a house’s defences against unwanted entry. Such a professional can also leverage their intimate knowledge of security systems like mortise deadlocks, night latches, and multi-point locking setups in helping protect residential clients from intrusions. The police association added that good security need not cost much; homeowners only have to determine which high-reliability products fit their budget. Installation can be performed by a specialist like a 24-hour locksmith in London—such as a professional from Lockedout Locksmiths.