Sunday, August 9, 2015

Locksmiths in London: How to Improve Security with Euro House Locks

Doors and windows are the primary entryways into your home, and without enough security, they’ll welcome trespassers and burglars inside. This doesn’t necessitate surrounding the property with moats and garrisons, though. A secure home only requires having the right types of devices at the right places. Nowadays, most homeowners in London prefer installing electronic security systems like CCTV’s and remote control mechanisms for optimum protection than solely relying on the traditional key-and-lock model. The latter type is still used, though, as it’s not at all dependent on electricity, aside from also being updated with modern designs to conform to current standards. Locks considered to be obsolete are common in old houses in London, but these can be replaced with state-of-the-art setups by competent locksmiths.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Trusted Locksmith Can Repair Different Types of Residential Locks

Installing house locks is one of the most effective ways to secure your home. Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with different types of locks that your house may require—and how to deal with problems in case they arise. If basic troubleshooting techniques don’t work, it would be best to tap the services of a trusted locksmith in the midst of London for immediate services. Besides replacing and duplicating keys, locksmiths can also repair different types of lock mechanisms, from night latches to deadlocks, which have experienced burglary damage or corrosion over time. Even if you don’t have a key, a competent professional can immediately open your door or window and replace the lock for your convenience.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Hallmarks of a Good London Locksmith

It is very ironic that we are often locked out of our homes at the most inconvenient times, whether arriving after a long day at work or coming back from a holiday abroad. Finding a locksmith is crucial in such situations. For these emergencies, when you don’t have much time to explore options, what are some indicators that the one you’re getting is a trustworthy professional?

Locksmith Services for the Safety of Your Home

It's sometimes said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Normally, you wouldn't want to pay to have a door replaced when there's nothing wrong with it, but old doors can sustain sometimes nearly invisible damage. Moreover, after a break-in, attempted or otherwise, a door or doors in your home might have sustained serious damage.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

London Locksmiths Present Basic Lock Measures for Optimum Security

"Building a secure home against burglars doesn’t necessarily mean you have to construct a fortress. An incident can happen anytime and to anyone, but this may be well-prevented with sufficient precautionary measures and a functional security system in your abode. Most cases of burglary typically occur when intruders grab the opportunity you had inadvertently given to them—such as every time you forget to close or lock your door and window. According to the Cheshire Constabulary, in two out of ten burglaries, thieves no longer needed to use force to get inside the premises, as either the door or the window was already open from the start. A third of these offenders intrude through windows, while two-thirds gain access through doors. "

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A London Locksmith Can Help You Sort Things out Following a Break-In

"Your home can still get robbed despite your best efforts. When such an unfortunate event happens, it’s easy to feel devastated and in complete shock, but such feelings can hold recovery back. If a break-in happens in your own home, it’s what you do afterwards that spells the difference between getting your life in order as quickly as possible and staying down for much longer. Don’t Touch Anything and Call For the Police The “don’t touch anything” rule points to some rather powerful prosecutors: fingerprints. This is why burglars typically wear gloves in order to protect themselves, though not all of them do it. If you find out that your home’s been broken into, refrain from touching literally anything and call the police immediately—they’re the only ones who can sort this thing out first-hand, after all. "

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fitting Locks: Should You Hire London Locksmiths or Do It Yourself?

Security is one of the most important aspects of a home. You must be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you and your family are safe. No one will be able to break into your home while you sleep or while you’re gone. If you’ve just moved in to a new home or living in a home that was designed long ago, it’s a good idea to assess the security and determine if you need the services of London locksmiths. Home Advisor emphasizes that it’s advisable to upgrade your locks if your home have had the same locks for the past several years. The reason behind this is because older locks may be easier to crack nowadays even by amateur burglars. An upgrade will greatly help in bolstering the security of your home.

Friday, June 26, 2015

You and a London Locksmith are Great Partners in Your Home’s Security

Your home should be a place of comfort, where you can feel relaxed knowing that your family and belongings are in a safe place. It’d be a shame if someone breaks into your house, like a burglar, some other kind of criminal, or just someone unwanted. Thus, bolstering the security of your house is a necessary concern to take care of. The Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL) have some basic security tips to help you do that. Security Basics First of all, you might want to change all the locks of your home if you just moved in. The former owners, and even someone else you’re not aware of, may have copies of the keys. So, just err on the side of caution and have them replaced.

Monday, June 22, 2015

London Locksmiths Give Some Basic Security Tips

Effectively securing your home from robbers doesn’t need to be hard. All it requires is some basic measures. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

What to Expect From Your 24-Hour Locksmith

In unfortunate situations wherein you find yourself locked out of your house or business, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Spare key with someone else somewhere, maybe? What if it’s so late that everyone is asleep, though, or you have no more quid to get to whoever has the spare key? Most people are still confused on why a 24-hour locksmith service is needed. Here are three very likely scenarios that could happen to probably anyone, which proves why:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Plugging the Gaps at Home

Your home is where you should feel safest. That assumption can be put to the test, however, whenever criminal elements attempt to break into your property. Fortunately, most London locksmiths have experience in more than just installing or fixing locks; they can also look over your home’s defences to see if they are up to snuff.

Home Lock Security Tips to Keep in Mind

You would do everything in your power to keep your home protected, so the locks you place on your door should help you achieve that goal. Here are some home lock security tips to keep in mind.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Home Security Lapses to Avoid

Some people may say home is where the heart is, and advances in technology help protect the place from break-ins; however, even with the most advanced technologies provided by London locksmiths, homeowners may have lapses that leave the place wide open. You can avoid that nightmare with some simple tips:
Having Hidden Keys
If you don’t want to deal with shuffling around for your keys in the middle of the night, having a key under your mat is the next best thing, right? However, expect that this will actually be the very first thing a burglar will be looking for.

Discretion is the Key… Literally

It is the responsibility of every homeowner to never leave the house without a key, especially if they are living alone. When the unthinkable happens, the homeowner may be forced to break in.
That’s why it pays to have spare keys made by a certified locksmith in London. Yet, one spare key won’t be enough, particularly if you bring it along because it would be easy to misplace or lose it. Try to have a couple more keys made and place some in the most inconspicuous places in your front yard. The following places, based on a survey, are NOT the best hiding spots:
Garden gnomes

Friday, May 8, 2015

London Locksmiths: Can Old Safety Tricks Still Keep Burglars Away?

It’s that time of the year again when school is out and the beach beckons, a season for out-of-town vacations and gatherings. During this season, families would be out of their houses, making it a perfect opportunity for burglars to pilfer through your house for valuables and personal belongings. To prevent this from happening, homeowners are advised to strengthen their home’s security by placing several burglar deterrents around the house. Some deterrents are pretty much working, but some may be ineffective. Experienced locksmiths in London list down the following tricks that appear to ward off intruders but are really encouraging them to proceed with their dark deeds.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tips from a London Locksmith: Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

In several weeks, summer will finally be here. With the warmer weather and with school off for the summer, more families would be taking the opportunity to leave town for a day or two or to take a weeklong vacation. Before planning your summer vacation, it’s imperative to plan the security of your home, since your days away make for a perfect opportunity for burglars to nick things in your house. With the help of an expert London locksmith, you can protect your home from intruders while you’re away on vacation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reliable London Locksmiths Protect Homes and Businesses from Burglars

The expert know-how of locksmiths from companies like Lockedout Locksmiths can allow you to make a well-informed decision whether or not you need a security system upgrade or merely some simple repairs. For example, some defective locks may easily be given a quick fix, but then you also have to consider how durable can it still be. You’ll then have to answer the question of whether it is time to just have it replaced with a stronger type of lock. Although the trio have now been apprehended and sentenced to jail, it remains up to the property owners to ensure that they remain safe and secure amidst other possible threats of burglary. Call a reliable West London locksmith if you feel that more can be done to secure your home or business.

Monday, April 13, 2015

London Locksmith Advises Placing Spare Keys in Well-Hidden Fixed Spots

These spare keys shouldn’t be a substitute for the key you carry around. Otherwise, someone might find out where you keep your spares. If, for some reason, your keys suddenly can’t get the door open, don’t fret. Look for a 24 hour locksmith in London like LockedOut Locksmiths to pick the lock open and repair the lock. The locksmith may change the lock (with a new set of keys) after picking it to prevent burglars from taking advantage of the situation.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How Locksmiths Secure Doors and Windows

Most people think that their home is the safest place they can be. However, with all the burglaries and intrusions happening in metropolitan areas and suburbs, that belief can no longer be completely true. Thanks to the works of locksmiths, the safety of homes can once again be restored. Here’s how locksmiths secure doors and windows.

Locksmiths will perform a thorough inspection of doors to spot vulnerabilities that burglars might exploit. They’ll pinpoint these weaknesses and present choices on how to mitigate the risks. Such choices can include changing the door itself, implementing an additional security feature, and swapping old locks for new ones. Competent locksmiths will also inform their clients of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the choices to help make informed decisions.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sending Burglars a Hard Message

Locations with high levels of criminal activity may see suspects being brazen enough to force their way into any house or flat and try to make off with any expensive objects they could find. Sometimes, they would case a particular place at irregular periods to analyse the residents’ patterns before coming up with a plan. Timing is often important in such strikes, warranting a need for a 24 hour locksmith in London to beat the burglars to the punch.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good Locks Protect Your Business from Burglars

The simplest way to stop thieves is to have secure locks and a safety plan in place. Business owners would do well to consider these tips on how to formulate the ideal burglar prevention plan:

Do a risk assessment.

Scan the area, and note down all the possible passageways. Doors and windows are obvious entry points for burglars, though these are not the only ones. Resourceful burglars may enter through the shop’s ventilation system, for example. Even the skylight dome could also serve as an entry point.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Access to Your Home Even with Lost Keys

It can be a bother to be constantly mindful of your own keys to avoid being locked out of your own home, although some people have mused the idea of replacing keys and the traditional lock altogether for keyless entry systems. Many, however, still prefer the old metal. 

Reliable as they are, and in whichever form they may be, keys can still be lost, preventing people from accessing their homes or rooms. If you do not have a spare on hand when you find yourself locked out, you just might have to spend the night outdoors—a horrible scenario whichever way you look at it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Call a West London Locksmith to Maximize the Security of a Property

Commercial establishments are frequent targets of burglary and theft. In January, 2015, the police released a CCTV footage of a suspect in a burglary of a mental clinic in London. This is Local London posted the video along with the report that a £50 Nokia phone that belonged to the clinic’s Home Treatment Team was stolen. When burglaries happen, especially in homes, you don’t just lose material items. Your peace of mind is also affected as the sense of security your home provides is lost. Unless you take action, you’ll always be afraid that the intrusion may happen again. Furthermore, a break-in could likely cause damage to the property, making it more vulnerable to thieves and burglars. Seeking the services of locksmiths in London is a good idea to rebuild or improve the security of a property, whether a burglary incident has happened or not.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

London Locksmith Board-Up Services Help Prevent Loss of Valuable Items

It’s heart-breaking when something that means a lot to you gets stolen. That is how a 90-year-old widow in West London felt after burglars stole her late husband’s war medals, as reported in the online edition of ITV. A total of six naval World War II medals were taken. Some cash was stolen too, but the medals were definitely more precious to the widow as they were a reminder of her husband’s bravery and sacrifice during the war. In London, reported burglary cases in January, 2015 totalled 6,519, of which 4,547 were residential, and 1,972 were non-residential. Burglary was second only to Violence Against the Person as the top crime in the city. While the act is deplorable, it has to be said that burglaries are often successful due to the neglect of property-owners, who carelessly leave windows or doors open whilst they’re away from home; leave their keys in the mailbox; and similar practices that make it easy for burglars to have access to their homes.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

London Locksmiths Can Examine Your Home for Security Holes to Fill

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is a top priority. There are a lot of dangers out there that can threaten your house, and a home invasion can deprive you of not just your possessions but your sense of security too. London locksmiths have experience in more than just adding locks; they can also look over your home’s defences to see if they are up to snuff. First, a West London locksmith like one from Lockedout Locksmiths can look at your existing locks, with the most important one being your front door lock. A simple latch will not be enough to keep home invaders from entering your home. You’ll need a more secure mortice lock, preferably a 5 lever one. This should be sufficiently strong enough to discourage anyone from trying to pry open your door.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Consult a Professional London Locksmith to Secure Your Home Properly

The biggest worry of any homeowner is the security of their abode. The best way to remedy that is to have a secure set of locks installed by a reliable London locksmith like Lockedout Locksmiths. A professional locksmith would be able to check your doors and evaluate what type of locks are appropriate for them. The more difficult the lock is to crack, the longer a burglar will take to enter your home; this can make them nervous and encourage them to leave. To better make your decision, you’ll need to know some basic info about typical locks on the market.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seeking Locksmiths in London and Other Tips to Be Safer from Burglars

Although burglaries in London were at their lowest in four decades, and the borough of Waltham Forest had a 17% decrease in residential burglaries, there were and still will be several victims of the crime. That said, there's still many precautions that residents ought to take to protect their home and its contents. Sure, you can count on local law enforcers who ardently try to keep the suburbs safe. Nonetheless, you can also add layers of protection to your home. Take inspiration from these tips – which locksmiths in London can help you with – for keeping your home safer this year, especially when you'll be going on a long vacation.

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Experienced London Locksmith Protects Your Business from Burglars

For a beauty salon owner in Cardiff, unfortunately, things took a bad turn. Barely six weeks into the business, a burglar broke into the shop, and even had the nerve to count the money while he was still inside. This brazen burglar’s accessory to the crime is a good ol’ brick, which he used to smash a window open to create an entry point. London-based business owners should learn from this beauty salon owner’s terrible experience, especially those who are just starting out. Fortunately, an established London locksmith like Lockedout Locksmiths provides a wide variety of business security measures to keep criminals away, plus boarding up services to those who have been victimised.