Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sending Burglars a Hard Message

Locations with high levels of criminal activity may see suspects being brazen enough to force their way into any house or flat and try to make off with any expensive objects they could find. Sometimes, they would case a particular place at irregular periods to analyse the residents’ patterns before coming up with a plan. Timing is often important in such strikes, warranting a need for a 24 hour locksmith in London to beat the burglars to the punch.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good Locks Protect Your Business from Burglars

The simplest way to stop thieves is to have secure locks and a safety plan in place. Business owners would do well to consider these tips on how to formulate the ideal burglar prevention plan:

Do a risk assessment.

Scan the area, and note down all the possible passageways. Doors and windows are obvious entry points for burglars, though these are not the only ones. Resourceful burglars may enter through the shop’s ventilation system, for example. Even the skylight dome could also serve as an entry point.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Access to Your Home Even with Lost Keys

It can be a bother to be constantly mindful of your own keys to avoid being locked out of your own home, although some people have mused the idea of replacing keys and the traditional lock altogether for keyless entry systems. Many, however, still prefer the old metal. 

Reliable as they are, and in whichever form they may be, keys can still be lost, preventing people from accessing their homes or rooms. If you do not have a spare on hand when you find yourself locked out, you just might have to spend the night outdoors—a horrible scenario whichever way you look at it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Call a West London Locksmith to Maximize the Security of a Property

Commercial establishments are frequent targets of burglary and theft. In January, 2015, the police released a CCTV footage of a suspect in a burglary of a mental clinic in London. This is Local London posted the video along with the report that a £50 Nokia phone that belonged to the clinic’s Home Treatment Team was stolen. When burglaries happen, especially in homes, you don’t just lose material items. Your peace of mind is also affected as the sense of security your home provides is lost. Unless you take action, you’ll always be afraid that the intrusion may happen again. Furthermore, a break-in could likely cause damage to the property, making it more vulnerable to thieves and burglars. Seeking the services of locksmiths in London is a good idea to rebuild or improve the security of a property, whether a burglary incident has happened or not.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

London Locksmith Board-Up Services Help Prevent Loss of Valuable Items

It’s heart-breaking when something that means a lot to you gets stolen. That is how a 90-year-old widow in West London felt after burglars stole her late husband’s war medals, as reported in the online edition of ITV. A total of six naval World War II medals were taken. Some cash was stolen too, but the medals were definitely more precious to the widow as they were a reminder of her husband’s bravery and sacrifice during the war. In London, reported burglary cases in January, 2015 totalled 6,519, of which 4,547 were residential, and 1,972 were non-residential. Burglary was second only to Violence Against the Person as the top crime in the city. While the act is deplorable, it has to be said that burglaries are often successful due to the neglect of property-owners, who carelessly leave windows or doors open whilst they’re away from home; leave their keys in the mailbox; and similar practices that make it easy for burglars to have access to their homes.